Questions You Must Ask Before Your Microblading Session!

Asking the correct questions is crucial before beginning that amazing microblading session. Keep it straightforward and let’s get you ready!

Experience Is Important: “How long have you been doing microblading?”

Proof of certifications: “Can you show me your microblading certifications?”

Portfolio Peek: “Can I see your before-and-after photos?”

Healing: “What’s the healing process like?”

Sanitation Standards: “How do you ensure that your tools are clean?”

Pain Factor: “Does it hurt, and how do you manage discomfort?”

Color customization: “How do you choose the right color for my skin tone?”

Touch-Up Talk: “What’s the plan for touch-ups?”

Advice for Aftercare: “What’s the aftercare routine?”

Cost transparency: “What is the total cost, including touch-ups?”

You’re already a long way from those dreamy brows if you ask them!

Have further queries or require guidance before your Microblading Session? Leave a comment; we’re happy to assist!

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