Microblading Unpacked: Manual Shading vs. Machine Shading!

Let’s explore the world of microblading shading, both manually with a hand tool and automatically with a machine.

Shading by Hand:

What? delicate hand-made strokes made with a pen-like utensil.
Why? For lighter skin types, a natural, delicate, and feathery appearance is ideal.
How Does It Feel? like a mild tickle that is not too strong.

Machine Shading:

What? Using a tattoo machine for the shading results in a more solid appearance.
Why? Perfect for people with darker skin tones who desire a stronger, more defined brow.
How Does It Feel? similar to a soft vibration; nothing too extreme.

How Do You Choose?

Skin type, desired appearance, and lifestyle are important. Whether you use softer strokes or bolder shading, it all depends on how it makes you feel. For the best of both worlds, some choose to combine both!

When used by artists with experience, both procedures are trustworthy. With the help of your artist, discuss your ideal brows!

Questions or an interest in learning more? Leave a remark or contact us. We’re here to help you get the brows of your dreams!

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